Installation instruction

Allow the panels or tiles to acclimatize for a minimum of 48 hours in the space concerned, lying flat, at a indoor temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.
Check the parts for errors and defects before starting installation.  The room must be wind and water tight.


When using a jigsaw, the panel or tile must be cut with the decor down. So turn the panel or tile upside down. If a hand saw (with fine teeth) is used, the decor must be on top.


The substrate must be dry, clean, fat free and pressure-resistant. Unevenness of 10 mm or more must first be levelled. First make a sketch or drawing to line out the tiles or panels symmetrically. Start with the tiles at the bottom, level on the floor. The tiles have a drop down system on the short side which has to be closed by a rubber hammer. Make sure the first row is levelled horizontally and all tiles are clicked together correctly. The 2nd row can be installed in the first row at an angle of 45 degrees tile by tile and connected on the short sides by the rubber hammer.

The tiles can be shortened by cutting with a stanley knife and then break off on the cutting line. Sawing is also possible. The full wall panels (45x260cm) must first be shortened to the needed length and afterwards be glued to the existing wall 100% vertically. The full panels are equipped with the drop-down system
on the entire long side. Just connect the panels by tapping with a rubber hammer.

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Colour kit


On existing tiles

Thoroughly degrease / clean the tiles with Bostik Ardacleaner until all contamination has disappeared. Clean afterwards with water and dry the tiles. Ensure that the Muro panels to be processed are clean (dust-free / grease-free) and acclimatized according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply glue to the tiles with Bostik Spreader; two vertical tracks on a panel of 45 cm, 3 vertical tracks on a panel of 90 cm width of which two tracks 5 cm from the outside of the panel and one half the width of the panel. Place the panel in the freshly applied glue and press gently over the full glue strips. Repeat this with the following panels. If the substrate contains larger irregularities than the glue strips can bridge from the Bostik Spreader, a standard V-spout can be applied to the glue sleeve instead of the Spreader for gluing. The glue tube must be kept perpendicular to the background during its application.

On concrete or plaster

Remove loose parts. If the existing wall has a layer of paint, test whether it is properly attached. If not: remove this by cutting or sanding. Primer wall with Bostik Uniprim diluted 1 on 1 with water. Allow to dry.

On wooden frame (i.e. 50x75mm):

Center distance 45 cm. Ensure that the framework is dust-free. Using the V-spout on the glue sleeve, apply two triangular grooves per line, both 1 cm from the outside of the line and then place the panels in the fresh glue. At the start of a wall, the panels are therefore stuck with two glue strips on one side of the panel. At the sides where the panels are connected to each other, each panel is therefore fixed on that side with one glue bead.

On metal(stud)/iron

Center distance 45 cm. After installation, remove profiles with Bostik Easy Prep Wipes and let them dry before applying the glue. Proceed further as described with wooden frame work.


Seal the joints between the panels is NOT necessary. Water and moisture cannot penetrate the click system. Seal all joints on the ceiling and on the floor with the suitable kit. Similarly with interior corners and recesses. Provide any outside corners with the matching corner profiles and attach by a kit.